A Light in the Dark

Darkness filled the world! Darkness and silence surrounded me. I tried desperately to find something anything that I could hold onto in order to find my way into some sort of light. I prayed and asked the Lord for guidance. I needed help with finding my way out of the dark.  Off in the distance was a glimmer. Were my eyes playing tricks or did I actually see something. I saw it again and it was a little brighter this time. I decided to walk toward this light in hopes of finding my way out of the darkness. The light got brighter and brighter the closer I got but I still could not see the source. As I reached the light it wasn’t an actual light at all. It was a child with his back turned toward me. I started talking to the child asking if he was alone. Were his parents here? There was no answer! I made my way around the child to see the child’s face maybe I would recognize him. As I reached the front of the child he seemed so familiar. I didn’t recognize him but it seemed as if I knew him from somewhere. “Do I know you”, I asked? The child looked up at me and said, “I am your light, your way out of the darkness. If you follow me you shall always walk in the light. Though at times you stray from the path and find yourself in darkness, I always wait for you to find your way back to me.” Just then more people started to walk up and be amongst us in the light. I couldn’t count all of them there were so many. I talked to some of them and they said they were lost in the darkness and that they saw a glimmer of light and decided to follow it. I turned to look at the child once again. His face was that of an angel, with skin that looked to be the softest I had ever seen. His eyes glimmered with an innocence and beauty that only can be seen in a child. He smiled as I stared at him and instantly everything felt better. All my fears went away and I seemed more at peace. The child looked around at all the people and looked troubled. “What is so troubling my son, why do you look so sad?” The child looked up at me with such love and said, “It’s time for me to go.” I was confused and didn’t know what to say. “Why is it time for you to go? We need you!” The child looked at me almost like he could see into my soul. The child shook his head and said, “In my life I was sick and was only on earth for a short time. I was loved and cared for in that time by my wonderful parents who loved me with all their hearts and souls. Though they wanted me to stay with them on earth they understood that my purpose was to be a light in the darkness. Many people came to the Father because of my struggles with my sickness. My parents shared my light with the entire world and in return they also found themselves out of the darkness. I was very frustrated and confused, “But you have provided a light to all these people! If you leave now how will we find our way”? The child smiled and said, “You were the light for these people. Because you believed and followed the Father you became a light in the darkness. You showed all these people also how to become a light. They will go out into the darkness and teach others to be a light as well.” I was so sad by what the child had told me but felt a sense of peace and comfort. I didn’t want to say goodbye but knew it was time for the child to go Home to the Father.

     Written by David Blanford for his son Daxton who was here for only a short time but made a life changing impact on all who knew him or followed his story.

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